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Hacktoberfest 2020

This year, DC970 will be the local host of the annual Hacktoberfest 2020 ( Event page: Collaboration will be hosted in Zoom. Link will be posted on the event page above and visible to all registered members. -IceQUICK

Join us on IRC, soon.

We at @dc970 are getting ready to get our @freenodeirc #irc channel back up and running. Join us in #dc970 soon. cc: @freenodestaff

Live Hacking Demo 2014

The gang at DC970 was asked to give a security presentation to the NoCO IT Pros forum.   More details¬†at:¬†  

DC970 logo/mascot/slogan

If we’re going to do some community projects over the next few years, I think we need a brand. What do you think? Share your thoughts here:  

Blog created

This blog will give a little more structure to the group than the Reddit group could provide. The Reddit group isn’t going away, it just won’t be the front page for any more.